Dear Valued Customers,

Player Sports Goods was established in 2002 as a local business that supplied production on a very small scale. Over the first four years of our company, we worked hard to enhance our understanding of the market standards we sought for, and in 2006 we entered the international market confident that we could produce high quality sporting goods at an amazing price. During those early years and continuing in the present, we have felt the grace of THE ALMIGHTY helping us along every step of the way.

We believe we’ve gained a favorable reputation in the international market, manufacturing and exporting our sporting goods, sportswear, team uniforms, fashion apparel, gym wear, boxing equipment, martial arts accessories, fitness equipment, and leather products to several countries all over the world. We strive to create not only great products but also a great customer experience. We make sure that we are not compromising on quality with any of our products in any market, and we believe it’s that level of commitment to quality that gives us 100% customer satisfaction.

Yours Truly,



At Player Sports Goods, we’re committed to creating the highest level of performance for our sporting goods and fitness accessories for every athlete we sell to. We prove our products in testing before they ever leave for sale, bringing you our best every time.


Our management team works at overseeing research and development to keep abreast with the latest trends and improvements in sporting goods and athletic performance.


Quality and performance are the name of the game here at Player Sports Goods. We work to produce the highest quality products for the best price.