Wooden Handle Skipping Ropes

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Skipping Rope with Stylish wooden handle & Solid Plastic Pipe for Boxing, Fitness Training, HIIT, MMA, Weight Loss, Exercise or Fat Burning | Skipping Ropes Adult, Men & Women Workout Equipment


Material Plastic
Handle Material Wood
Color Natural Wood
Handle Diameter 35 56 month

About this item

  • [ 6 INCH ROSE WOODEN HANDLE ] : Beautiful skipping rope handles that are designed to last and to be a great addition to your gym equipment! 8 vertically grooves strategically placed to improve your grip & prevent sweat interfering your workout.
  • [ EXTRA STRONG LONG LASTING PIPE ] : Making it extremely durable, you can literally use our jump rope anywhere (unlike cheap speed rope alternatives). This rope really is built to last, strong and resilient!
  • Ideal for using on the basketball courts or football pitch, this classic jump rope can help you keep your cardio up, and you lasting for longer
  • [ FULLY HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 9 FOOT 2 INCHES LONG SKIPPING ROPE ] : Suitable for Men, Woman & Juniors looking to jump rope. Allows athletes to adjust the rope to the ideal length by the simple use of an allen key on the stem of the rope handles.
  • [ 360º DEGREE LONG-LASTING POLISHED STEEL ROTATION ] : Jumping rope is repetitive and our rotation system is built to stand the test of time and repeated use. The rotation allows for maximum comfort and stability when skipping coupled with perfectly balanced handles. Our ropes can really be used all day long.


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