Wooden Rounder Bat Set for Kids

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Rounder Bat Set in Popular Wood for Kids in Size 16 inches / 10 oz, Black & White

Size One Size
Sport Type Baseball / Softball
Brand Generic
Material Wood
Color Black & White
About this item
LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: The wooden Baseball bat is lightweight and has a durable construction
LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: The plastic Baseball bat is lightweight and has a durable construction for kids and teenager.
For an unbeatable kid’s tee ball bat, it’s a winner.
This bat is the perfect choice for hitting drills and lessons for kids
Fantastic Gift: Bat Ball Set Is A Good Homerun Gift For Kids And Teenagers

Product Description
Outdoor Family Fun Complete Rounders Set Garden Game for kids Bat Ball Posts, Rounder’s is a classic game enjoyed by kids, easy to set up and pack away and brilliant at the park, beach or in the back garden. The game is played in two teams one fielding and one batting and once each member of the batting team has batted the teams swop over. This is an easy and fun game to play and can be enjoyed by kids. The garden games wooden rounder’s set has been designed to give years of fun memories playing with family and friends. The ash bat with black handle is designed to take the hardest of hits on the ball and yet is shaped to feel comfortable in the hand while playing. This great bagged rounder’s set comes complete with 4 wooden base posts and a soft ball. The set comes contained in a zip close, nylon canvas carry bag with handles making this set both beautiful and practical. All you need to make the game the perfect is some friends, some sun and a place to play!. Package Contents : Rounder bat, 4 wooden base posts and a rounders soft ball.


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