Led Flashing Light Wicket Stumps

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● LED Flashing Light Wicket Stumps for Soft & Hard Ball Cricket
● Premium sensors with a response time of less than a second!
● Quality craftsmanship
● Long lasting durability
● Bright lights with various blinking patterns
● Ideal composition for night tournaments as well as day-time cricket
● Convenient for square leg umpires in case of stumping and run-outs
● Box Includes two LED stumps with premium coating, one standard middle stump with
coating, two sensor bails, rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger.

At PLAYERS’ SPORTING GOODS we always do our very best to deliver the same item appearance as advertised. However, depending on manufacturing delays, the design and color of the item can change. But in any case, the quality of the item will not be compromised.


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