Ash Wooden Baseball Bat

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Wooden Baseball Bat in Ash Wood for Adults, Youngsters and Professional Players with Customise LOGO,SIZE,WEIGHT & QUALITY

Size One Size
Sport Type Baseball
Brand Player Sports Goods
Material Wood
Handle Material Wood

About this item

Wooden Baseball Bat in Ash wood
Material: Ash Wood

IMPROVE YOUR HITTING MECHANICS & PERFORMANCE – The PSG Baseball Bat concept is to improve a batter’s hitting skills by improving swing mechanics and eliminating the use of devices and practices that have been passed down in baseball for generations, but which science have proved do not perform as they should, and can actually be harmful to the baseball swing.

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO PRODUCE BETTER BAT SPEEDS – PSG Baseball bats have been scientifically proven by independent tests conducted by the Sports Clubs to consistently produce increased bat speeds and improved swing mechanics compared to traditional weighted bat devices.

THE ULTIMATE WEIGHTED BASEBALL TRAINING BAT – Our best-selling PSG Baseball bats feature a proprietary weighted handle that pulls the batter’s hands through the swing zone, allowing the batter to feel what it’s like to lead with their hands and knob, taking the ideal path to the ball and not cast.

ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR LIVE BATTING PRACTICE, TEE WORK, AND HITTING DRILLS – With PSG Baseball bats you get immediate feedback if your swing gets too long and outside the desired swing plane. The extra weight in our handles will cause a feeling of more stress in your forearms from an over-extended swing. This valuable feedback is not available from lighter game bats, or bats with weighted devices on the barrel, helping you keep your hands inside and not cast.


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